Calum Haughton

UX/UI Designer

I am a Product Designer based in Dublin, with a passion for crafting technology that works for people; placing the user at the centre of a process to create elegant solutions to complex issues.

Complete Anatomy: Store Project
Complete Anatomy: In-App Store
Converting from a once-off purchase to subscription model

Lead designer responsible for UX and UI, with input to overall product strategy and a key role in requirement-gathering, wireframing, user testing, interface design, animation, and more.

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Complete Anatomy Mobile Project
Complete Anatomy: Mobile
A streamlined mobile experience for anatomical learning

Lead designer for entire product responsible for over-arching experience, interactions, and interface; liaised with development and management teams to ensure successful delivery.

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Fidelity Investments Project
Complete Anatomy: Design System
Uniform colour palettes, dynamic font tables, and reusable components

Created and developed a cross-platform, product wide design system, based on retroactively streamlining and updating existing designs.

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Design Challenges Project
Summary of some UX/UI Work over a number of years

Work includes addressing UX and interface challenges with content creation, onboarding flows, and expanding in-app quiz functionality.

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Fidelity Investments Project
Fidelity Investments
Summary of some UX/UI Work over a number of years

Work developing user flows, wireframes, and visual designs across multiple areas: login and signup, account summaries, report visualizations, graphing tools, and account creation.

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Betterbia Project
Simple step-by-step recipes help users cook more healthy food

UX and UI design and development work; from initial concept design, ideation, and user testing, all the way to front and backend development with Ionic and Firebase.

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Hegira Project
Side-scroller adventure game for mobile

Design and development work; competitor analysis, concept generation and iteration, level design, user testing, illustration and visual design; developed using the GameSalad engine.

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Creative Digital Media Project
Creative Digital Media
Design proposal documents and challenges from MSc

Work includes design documentation, user research reports, and design proposals worked on while completing MSc. in Creative Digital Media.

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Churchtown School of Music Project
Churchtown School of Music
Fully responsive website design & development for local music school

Design and development of a fully responsive website, built using Bootstrap, for the Churchtown School of Music.

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